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Fraser Valley Quilters' Guild - rail fence

Preemie Quilt Instructions


Patterns given here are especially designed to meet the requirements of a Preemie Quilt for use in a Special Care Nursery. When baby is discharged from hospital, the quilt goes home with the family.

Please use 100% cotton fabrics for top and flannellette for backing.




Rail Fence

rail fence quilt


quilt measures 36" square
each block measures 6" square (6 ½ " square, unfinished)
setting = 5 blocks x 5 blocks, plus a 3" border.



You will need....
Fabric A -     .8 m (.4 for blocks, .4 for border)
Fabric B -     .7 m (.4 for blocks, .3 for binding)
Fabric C -     .4 m (.4 for blocks)
Fabric suggestion - colourful juvenile/animal-face prints

Quick Strip-piece as follows.
From each of your A, B, and C fabrics, cut 4 strips 2 ½ " wide by width of fabric (approx 42")
Sew a strip A to a strip B, and then add C strip. Make 4 sets. Press seams in same direction of each set.
Rotary cut into 6 ½ " pieces, need 25 blocks.
Now, arrange the blocks and refer to the picture to create "rail" pattern, 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down.
Stitch the 5 rows, and stitch the columns.

Unit should now measure 30 ½ " square.

Cut 4 strips of fabric A 3 ½ " wide x 30 ½ " long.
Cut 4 setting blocks 3 ½ " square, (from any of the left-over pieces).
Sew 1 border strip to top of quilt and 1 border strip to bottom of quilt.
Sew a setting square to each end of remaining border strips, and stitch to sides of quilt.

Sandwich with batting and backing.
Machine quilt and bind in usual way.


    If using up scraps from your stash, substitute A, B, and C to light, med, and dark values.
From each of your A, B, and C fabrics, or values, you will need 25 pieces cut 2 ½ " wide x 6 ½ " long. Arrange as in picture.