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Bryce's Quilt by Kim Carlson


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bryce quilt
Quilt created by Kim Carlson for a special presentation at 
Variety, The Childrens’ Charity Telethon

The title of the quilt is “Playtime Station” with a label on the centre top border, when you push the circle, inside a concealed pocket is disk that plays a tune. This will tell him where the top of his quilt is.

boat 1
The sail fabric on the sail boat is textured and feels a little like a sail and is 3D. The star is soft fireside fabric.

The chenille bunny's paws all have scrunchy cellophane in them for sound. He can be taken out and put back into a real jeans pocket. The jeans have the belt loops, leather label and encased elastic for bumpy texture.

Both the Sunbonnet Sam and Duck umbrella are made of coloured pet screen. Again a different texture.

I ran out of time to put the left and right hand labels on in Braille, but felt he could still learn left and right as he can put his hands in the gloves.
They are appliquéd around the fingers.

Rattles & Buckle

The puppy’s bandana and his ears are dimensional.The underside fabric is smooth on the left ear and soft and a little fluffy on the right. Ears scrunch when pressed between your fingers.

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